Reviews for "Lost Titles"


Really catchy, i was humming it all day at school ;D

So thats what it would be like....

...If Lost's theme was made doing the early 90's...I still would watch it,..

good job.

With all seriousness...

If this was the theme song for LOST I think there wold be an even larger fan base. This theme is off the hook.


Freakin awesome!
I love your work!
Keep it up!


you probly av heard this. but in the original theme from lost, the composer was paid thousands of pounds, with royalties, and funnily enough, he simply went to a preset instrument and pushed the "c" note on the digital keyboard. he didnt even bother to make the sound. however it was SLIGHLTY proccessed. i prefer this one definately. :D should include owls though.