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Reviews for "Guitar Workshop 2"


awesome game good job!

i like the idea very much

i really like the idea (maybe its because im a guitarist ) but it kept messing up so i cant afford to give it more then a 6 but this is very origanl i hope you keep up and improve ^ ^


Original Idea, nice execution, and it killed a bit of time. Overall, great job! Yeah, it was a dress up game, but it was a good one which wasn't based around removing some poorly drawn girl's shirt. I'll be keeping an eye on your future work!

P.S. Kudos is more or less another word for "congratulations" or "good job".

gtr-wrkshp responds:

fair enough..
thanks for the info on "kudo"


Nice effort but its nothing more then a dressup game.

gtr-wrkshp responds:

And what's wrong with dressups anyway ??

beedly bwown?

that was pretty entertaining! i would suggest more options, though.. especially for kinds of bodies. also, a few more music choices would be nice... if you spend enough time playing around with this it gets kind of irritating hearing the same two songs.

but overall, nice work! i definitely enjoyed this, although to be fair i am a bit of a guitar nut. i suppose the appeal of this is limited, but still, it was entertaining all the same.