Reviews for "The Old Dancing Robot"

Good work!

This song has classic 8-bit with modern orchestra sound to it. Great blend!

Oh Dear.

Oh, by the Gods this makes me want to festively drink vodka.
This loop is amazing, to say the least. And the title does fit it well. I can easily imagine an old dancing robot in sync with this song. GOOD SHOW, CHAP.

Absolutely scrumptious!

This little tune is great. So videogame-y, yet so classy with it's melodies; Which sound a little Russian or German to me for some reason. Also, they were made for an effin' amazing game. Great job! There is not a single thing I don't like about this song... Well, other than how short it is (ONE second away from one minute!), but I think that's how it was meant to be; A short, addicting music loop.
I expect more awesomesauce :D

PeterGMusic responds:

Thanks much! Yeah, NutcaseNightmare asked for something reminiscent of the music from Tetris, so I killed a Czar, ate a boatload of beet rations, and put my bearskin hat on and got to composing. I actually had to fight against the natural desire to make the piece much longer. We wanted it short for the exact reason you mentioned- have it be a bit addictive. Something you could listen to for a while and keep bouncing to. :)