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Reviews for "Transformers Mediocrity"

love it

your brother is governer
o ya good old jeb
best joke

WOO! Mav's Back

Pretty funny. Great to see you back again... you also lied in your description... the bobbleheaded guy was in the photo!!!

I can't help but noticing.... there's a mark on the wall in the background that looks like the ;) smiley... oh well...

Drawings were good, transformers are hard to draw so I'll give you plus points for that!

Oh and for old times sake, I'm gonna say FREEZE as a continuation of that long thread of comments on sheezyart we did all them years ago! XD

MetalMaverick responds:


Awsome flash

Also i thought that prowl sounded like EgoRaptor because it is thats so awsome you guys should do more work together.


This movie was ... AWESOME! whatever happened to peanut?


If only the cartoons had been like this,