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Reviews for "Transformers Mediocrity"


I loved every second bro, I thought the animation was great and the voice acting was superb i'm giving this great flash a 10 out of 10 and you earned it guys.

Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey......HEY...............hey.

Egorapter's name isn't in the authors list. He is a memeber of newgrounds and has provided his voice which makes him a partisipant of this animation. and YOU sir will be SUED...BY ME...IN A COURT OF LAW...

I'm just fucking with you. That was a realy good and funny cartoon. you get a 5 from me.

but I ain't buying your crap.

one little pet peave...

it's focus.
not focas or however you spelled it. it just bugs me when people spell things wrong.
there, now that's out of my system.
this was really good.
My favorite thing was that Prime was COMPLETLY oblivious, like your average college student.
and the presidential joke.


Loved it i like the end "im gonna call you Peanut" who calls a iPod peanut it's just so random it's funny

ahahahahaha penut the danceing ipod

sweet LORD MAKE MORE... kinda reminds me of robot chicken:P