Reviews for "Technamix"

best song ever!

cant beleive how good this song is

One of the best remixes I've heard in awhile!

$$$The Good$$$

-Those 2 Daft Punk Audio mixed in very well with each other. Glad you made this.
-The Clarity in this Audio is Fantastic! I can hear this Audio Fantastically through my speakers!
-Liked how one of the Audio stopped and the other one went, then came back. XD
-This Audio diserves at least a Gold Track!

$$$The Bad$$$

-To tell you the truth, there really wasn't anything bad in this Audio. :/


-Overall, This Audio was Fantastic and I loved hearing this Audio! Fantastic Audio Mikesever! Responses are gladly appreciated! :D


MikeSever responds:

Thank you so much for the support. It's always good to hear that someone likes your work. I especially like the gold track part :) I just watched some of your flash and it was... enjoyable!

Awesome job!!

I didn't actually think that Technologic + Aerodynamic would fit together....until now!
Keep up the good work!


madly mad


i really like the orginal and this mix is pretty interesting, i definately like the use of the two tracks used together.