Reviews for "WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider"

Great game! Awkward Controls...

I found this game really enjoyable and addicting. The only thing you could work on is the control scheme. Maybe instead of 'A' turns left, it could strafe left. This is only a suggestion.


Hard but hella fun man. Kept me busy for over an hour. Sweet game, good luck with your future submissions.

Great game from the past, now!

THIS!, THIS is a game!

To Jonruy

Obviously you need to buy a mouse for the laptop. Then try playing these games, I have a laptop and a mouse. I works perfectly fine. Just get off the computer long enough to actually BUY the mouse. Have a Nice Day (:|

I don't understand

The controls are fairly easy to use. Basic W,A,S,D mouse to fire. I have a touchpad and I don't really see the trouble.

The game however was awful.