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Reviews for "Starfox-At Last My Father Can"

Really nice!

That's a really nice background music for a movie or a game. It's very beautiful, indeed. I can't help when listening to this to go back to some of my favorite fantasy movies. I Hope you make more music like this one soon.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Thank you much. I do actually compose music professionally for independent films. Sadly, it's the one reason why I don't post much on Newgrounds anymore besides the music I make for fun (because the music I compose for my clients can't be put up under the Creative-Commons license when they hold the rights to it.

Quite a talent

Video game music tends to have a much less cinematic sound to it than that of a movie soundtrack. Yet you always seem to manage to take a video game track, even one as simple as the starfox 64 victory theme and turn it into an epic cinematic track. this would easily fit the opening or closing of a starfox movie. Funny, just a music track alone makes me wanna sit and animate a starfox movie lol. Well done once again.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Thank you much! ^_^

This is awesome. Can I ask what you made this on? I use FL Studios and make similar things, video-games being a major influence on what I make as well. This is insanely well done, thanks!

Been enjoying this song for quite a while. Glad it finally got frontpaged :)

I love you. Thank you for making this beautiful rendition. I love it.

Like gliding back home.