Reviews for "Abig black guy named Bass"

Nice job.. only a couple of suggestions

Great job on the animation. Most of it looks real good. Since I haven't played megaman since waay back and didn't like it particularly too much then, and that I'd already seen the other ben movie, this wasn't very funny to me.
But a couple, I guess, "complaints" I had were, with the sound, replacing Ben. I don't think you should have replaced the "Ben" sound with whatever that was unless it sounded somewhat close to the original, you know?
Secondly, that character isn't even black is he?
Heh, anyway, good job on the animation and everything, just think you should have probably used it on something cooler that makes more sense. Not a negative review... later

Not bad

Even though u stole the sound it was still pretty good.

DragoonFenix15 responds:

90% of the sounds in portal flash movies are stolen...


Well the "base" was a bit obvious, but it still fit in pretty well since it sounded like his voice. Sprites were animated well, and it was damn funny. I want one!


Great work!!! Very nice!!!