Reviews for "Wedgie Toss 2"


that was nice game and easy to remember those buttons.


nice, funny and addictive.

Lol :p

Funny and quite addictive. Keep up the good work xD


Ok, I love this game, soooooo hilarious. I got 778 ft! Yay

Loved it but...

here are a few suggestions/complaints

1.Change the glass so that if you are going fast it breaks. It seems unfair that even if your flying really fast you stop dead cause you hit the glass pain.

2.Reduce the stopping power of the dead car. I agree that it should slow your bounce down but it takes you almost to a dead stop.

3. make the screen bigger vertically so you can see whats below you or add a little map at the bottom to see what obstacles your about to land on. Currently your game involves no skill after the initial throw and even that is relatively easy after awhile it comes down to luck if you hit anything good or bad.

4. reduce the bounce for the good car, currently its just as strong as the trampoline which doesn't make sense, the bounce should be equal to hitting the road just without the slow down involved.

5. increase the are of the fire hydrant its area of effect is tiny, but have it bounce you high but slow you down.

These are just some suggestions to balance the game out individualize some of the items and make the game a bit more fun to play, Though it is extremely addictive i get frustrated when I realize that even when flapping if I can't see whats below me there is no real point.