Reviews for "Space Invaders Extreme"


The game is fun but a few elements need to be modified, firstly you have the invaders traveling across the screen, which in effect makes them very difficult to deal with since every so often you have one or two that speed between the ones your firing at so you are unable to grab that, one possible variation could be that you have them move at a constant rate and increase their life so you need to shoot them several times, secondly, you should add in different upgrades like increasing the power of your gun or maybe from time to time an enemy drops something that changes your attack completely. Heck you could even have it so that you have to get a certain type of upgrade dropped by an enemy to upgrade that set of upgrades. A third thing maybe is that you could maybe put a little more work into the look of the shot lol, i mean everything looks so great and then when it comes down to you shooting it's just a triangle that changes color lol. Otherwise i think you've got a good game going here, it looks good, and it plays well. a little work and it could easily be thrown to front page. Goodluck.

ps. oh and if i wasn't very clear with any of my suggestions feel free to pm me,

Nerd-02 responds:

First of all thanks for your great review and ideas! Secondly the invaders random speed is part of the game. The upgrading thing sounds great and I'll be sure to include it in the rest of my action games if it'll mean a higher score. The enemies dropping things idea is cool too and I am currently making another game that uses that idea. And it's funny you mention the bullet because it was originally just a red ball lol. But I got a lot of feed back saying that people didn't like it so I changed it to this but I guess nothings ever good enough lol. It feels good responding to a great review. Thank you again for writing such a good one. I was a little angry earlier with previous pointless reviews. If only everyone on NG reviewed like you ;)

not to shabey butt it cold us som worek dood

i wold hav likd som recage and exploseans butt othar thin thet it was awsome a++

Nerd-02 responds:

Thanks at lease SOME PEOPLE know how to write a good review with opinions that make sense. Oh by the way do you think space invaders are weak? oh and do you by any chance think the numbers are broken? Just curious.

sorry dude

man good try but space invaders are pretty weak better luck next time

Nerd-02 responds:

WHAT!? A 0!? Do you think this game really deserves a 0?? Do you!? Why!?? 'space invaders are pretty week' what does that mean?? They die to easy?? You don't like space invaders? you could at least have gave it a 5! or 4! or something! A 0??? Thanks to you this game is now less then a 3 meaning it won't appear green, meaning it wont be recognized as much! I hope you're happy. ERRRRRRRRR!!@! >:(

A Few Things

Increase the framerate.

Nerd-02 responds:

thats actually just one thing.


It's nothing like the real space invaiders. you should change the name to something else, so people like me can avoid confusion.

Nerd-02 responds:

You gave it a 5 because it wasn't like the real space invaders?? If you wanted space invaders you could have looked for an emulator.