Reviews for "PASEN.SWF"

Too small

That's funny, it's like a Easter Bunny/Jesus thingy.
The only problem is the size is too small.

Ivanovitch responds:

For some reason, we were assigned 283*156 pixels.


Nice animation, but could have been a little longer. I'm guessing you were trying to pair the idea of easter bunnies with christ's existance? IDK. I'm an atheist (Oh no!). I found it a little bit funny. I guess I'll give you an 8 for that and 4 on the voting. Keep working though!

Ivanovitch responds:

Well yeah sort of, we had to do something with easter and it pretty much didn't matter what.

We had 4 schooldays for the project where a little over 1 day was Flash, so that explains the shortness.

Not great.

I didn't really see the point of it, and it really wasn't that entertaining.

Ivanovitch responds:

I'm sorry you feel that way!

i like it!!!

I saw this movie on school, so were on the same school.
the lego easter story was a little bit better.
but your movie is also great.

Ivanovitch responds:

Lego? Might have missed that, I left after this was shown, had to catch the bus :3

Mooi spul man!

Echt geinig spul. 10/10, 5/5!