Reviews for "TT: 003 Ten Ways Pack 01"

Very funny!

This was one of the best collabs that I've seen in a while. It's much better than the past Twin Trash movies, mostly by its creativity. All the parts were very creative, specially the toast one.

It was a very funny movie as well. I couldn't stop laughing after finishing it. It amazed me a lot.

The drawings were very well done, despite the lach of a background most of the times. It would be better if the scenes had backgrounds, and making the characters "interact" with it, if you know what I mean...

Excellent movie, great job that the three of you made. I hope to see a lot more from this series!


I loved the Google searching Google, and the trampoline ones made my sides hurt. I still cant feel them and i want to eat....hope a goat doesn't poison my pizza.

Dude that was really freakin cool!

LOLZ! That was amazing dude! Such a simple animation but it was really funny. Very random too one of my favs for sure!

Dying with a yo-yo is strange but...

I had a great time watching this movie! =)

haha awesome

lovin' the animation
keep up. waiting for the next installment o.o