Reviews for "TT: 003 Ten Ways Pack 01"


the toaster, goat, and yoyo was really funny in my opinion.
and i heard one Super mario SE, and two Mario voices.

it was okay

animation was not that good and some deaths were predictable but i think you on to something. keep trying.

You my friend, know how to kill people :)

Excellent job! Sure some of them were predictable, but they were funny. And a lot of them took a turn that I did not expect. Please continue your work; I enjoyed it thoroughly. Just an idea, use the newgrounds tank! That would be pretty sweet.

Boomerang Toast!

That was kinda clever in some cases, but a lot of the deaths were predictable.


if possible you have to make more of these... these are AWESOME! all of them were funny... some funnier then others of course.