Reviews for "God speed chicken"

Brings me back.

I dont know why but when I first heard this I thought of the legend of zelda for some reason. Great song though.

Every nice

I don't know why you say this song is crappy. My only problem is that it's too short. You should make a longer version.

Amazing. It is simple, it only involves a few classical instruments.

And yet it creates a strong "goodbye" feeling. I am astounded by your work in general and your contrast from epic to just down right DERP.

I hope you make alot more Youtube videos and that you will make alot more music. Also: How about some sad themed videos, centered on the sad instead of the humor? I would like that. Just supersaiyan 2.

@starfoxmccloud yeah but you dont need to be a dick about it,.

I legit crying right now ;)