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Reviews for "Balloon Invasion"

Great Game

Noticed that a lot of people complain that they can't see badges their earned and other statistics. In 'mission menu' the one with balloons just roll your mouse to the upper screen and five buttons will roll out, press button called 'Badges' and you will be able to view your badges and what their were given for.


I love this game it;s really slow at the beggining but once u get good its more fun and still challenging

Fantastic game

This game has great playability, good quality, and well-balanced difficulty.
There's not an awful lot I can add to what previous reviewers have said, but I will add that I think it's definitely one of the best games I've played here, and I've been here since '00!


When I first saw this submission at NewGrounds HomePage, i said:
"Oh, great... Another simple shooterwhere my task is to shoot infinity amount of shootin' lasers balloons. Uh-Oh!". But when i start playing, there was nothing to accuse - grafics are good, sounds are good, effects are good. Everything is on it's place. It requires to plan a bit too, becoase of an ability to build turrets/call air support. I very enjoyed that game.

Biggest advatages:
- Army themes (textures, fonts, colours)
- Ability to build turrets/call air support
- Upgrading main flak/infrastructure/research turrets/improve air support
- Ability to produce oil
- Many balloon shapes and colours
- No bugs

So, I can't give you any other score for such a nice game - 100/10!


This game is really good, I enjoyed it 2 days in a row, I like the upgrade things, pretty hard and addictive. I like the campaing screen thing and saving :)

It still miss some variery of upgrades for main flak cannon, but its pretty good as it it. Keep up the good work!

P.S. The best way to finis epic battles is to build 5-6 rocket launchers in a row and 2 freezing rays.