Reviews for "Scruff WIP [Dubstep]"


You did what I said about the synth! :D

I've always really liked your style of dubstep, one problem though: when the dubstep came in it sounded lonely,

I don't know if that makes sense to you, but it just sounds like nothing is there with it, add some heavy but quiet sub in the backround to fill in the empy blanks between the wobbles.

Then it would sound REALLY good.

Looking forward to this song to be finished.

TuRdz responds:

Lol, I turned down the sub because I thought it was too loud :D hahaha. I get what you mean by the wobble sounds lonely. I'll probably include the melody in there and add some more atmosphere before it's finished.

Thanks for the feedback! :D


Pretty decent. Work on it some moar & make it longar ;D

TuRdz responds:

Will do :)
Thanks for the review :D