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Reviews for "- Music in Motion -"


it doesn't take much talent to make a game like this really. And it was foolish to only use handsup techno music. You could have used Drum N bass, house, a mix of electronica genres. and the new medals are crappy, I beat the game without dying once, that should have been implemented as a medal, and seeing how high you can go on the first level.

overrated game imo, i mean compare the quality to spewer

score should be around 3.80 - 4.00 (not saying it's god awful)


what is the secret medal anyway

Very fun to play

Even though there is not much to it and very easy to play, I had fun playing this game, its nice and quick so if you only have a few minutes to spare, this is a good game to play.


The music was great, the graphics were tied into it so perfectly, the difficulty was... above hard. Still, I just kept playing it untill I beat it.

I got the secret medal by mistake XD


I used to always go to the place where you get the medal do make my character jump according to the beat of the music. :D

Also great game, on of the best I've seen.... EVER!