Reviews for "Wii Are Sold Out"

really funny

i wouldnt let them in my house either big guy.

I have no idea what you people are talking about!

Its not like i get my ass kicked everyday for gettin a wii the first day! MWAHAHAHA NOOBS!


So funny and so true! Good Animation, good sound, perfect length. Looking forward to more of your content


the vocies are hilarious and its just really funny
and its true japs are interested in rape and tentacles XD

so true

i was fortunate enough to get my wii the day it came out. Feel sry for all the people that are going to miss out on the SSBB. This made me chuckle a bit. I can't say i feel your pain but i saw the electronics guy the day the wii came out and how angry he got when people asked for the wii. That man may have been fired that day....poor guy :'(