Reviews for "Broadcaster (Dirty Club Remix)"

Really good!

Its a real great remix, but i think its not really house, more like a hybrid between house and dance
but I gave it a five.
But if it would be dance, it would be one of the greatest dance song ive heard :)

Argyros responds:

I guess you're right. It's actually a mix between house and dance. I changed it to dance since NG doesn't have House/Dance as genre :P
Anyways, thanks for the 10 and 5! Means a lot <3


I honestly love everythin g about this song. I love the tune to it especially! Great job!

Argyros responds:

Thank you very much!

Why isn't this #1 in All-Time?

Seriously, why? Should be #1 best of the week and All-Time.

Argyros responds:

Haha thanks for liking our track, although it's impossible to be #1 here now these days :(

I adore the vocals

My only complaint is that the song ends. That there are not more vocals.

Argyros responds:

Haha okay, although you can hear our original here:

You Tube /watch?v=h0R38r3A3Ok

We used a little more vocals in the original :)

Great Choice, Great Job

I had actually not heard the original of this song when I heard this. (One more reason to love Newgrounds :3) I do prefer the original, but I LOVE your choice in instruments, and the overall sound it made. It just really caught the same feelings the original instills in me, and I think that is awesome that you could add your own sound to it but not change the overall feel. I really loved it, great job.