Reviews for "Battalion 7 - Theme Song"

Buena Suerte

That was really funny :P
Good Job Man!

Very good-looking falsh!

Very good art and animation. What are they suppose to be? The look like little multi-colored, three-balled penises. Which is odd, even if they only had two balls. Anyway, good flash. Kudos.

dunno why

i likes it...it wasnt hilarious...but still funny i think the song part is what won me over


Your are right about these sorts of commercials. I miss them so much now. it was reallly good and was sort of catchy with the music. Good job.

Not bad at all

It was pretty good, actually. It could have been a little more action packed, but for what it was it was good. Although the trench slimes looked like latex dildos with 3 vibrating ballsacks, they were well drawn and the colors were also pleasing to the eye.

There is some room for improvement, but all in all it was fine.