Reviews for "Mario Remix: Boss Edition"


now THIS is what the game should be!

good game! plan:

heres a plan to beat the boss. go to mushroom tier and fight the whispy woods boss. if u need gast money keep fighting him since he the easiest. NOTE: I only meant this note for ppl that cant beat mushroom tier. I know u get mini games when you beat the tier its just a note for beginners. hope you make more mario remixes :D

Unlike your first one...

This isn't physically impossible! Yay!

youtube helped me

it helped me by well...i really didn't know how to get the other two teirs so i'm like "hmmm maybe the game isn't finished." then i look at youtube then i found out you have to UNLOCK the two teirs then i'm like ohhhh so yeah youtube helps alot.

very hard game