Reviews for "Sonic: Amy's Whack-A-Nik"


Addictive, but there were a few problems. FIRST, you can hold down the mallet and hit whatever you want with out consiquence. It just gives you points. SECOND, you can hit multiple targets in one hit.

Why not have popular enemies to whack like; Eggman, Metal Sonic and Nina Meyers (jk lol)

peterinns responds:

Glad you like it. I think though you might have been playing so fast and having so much fun that you possibly didn't notice that if you hit Sonic or Sally you lose 5 points, whereas the most points you can score in one hit is only 3 points. So if you hold down the mallet and hit whatever you want and manage to survive a level, you must have been very lucky! :-) For much the same reason, hitting multiple targets is a) very clever if you can do it without hitting Sonic or Sally, and b) meant to make it even more fun so that you can go whacking craaazyyy!!! :-) And you never know, maybe there'll be a sequel with other baddies to whack...

Good game

I lost in the level 7
472 points :P

good game

it was an alright game. it kinda ran slow when i was about hit something.

As RangerXL said, Fun game to pass time.

It was an alright game. You said it went for 5 levels but I got past lvl 5 (?).
You only lost points for music and originality, everything else seemed fine, didn't find any bugs so its all good.

Fun Game to pass time

Its entertaining I like it,

Add someback ground music and it can be a 10/10

Good Job keep up the good work.