Reviews for "Gamer Tonight - RTS Gamer"

How true

the guy reminds me of Kane, but really LOLed on this

Very nice...

I am an avid RTS player and i have to say that the dialogue u gave dat guy was on the head!


this is a great example of how RTSers portray themselves--always outwitting their opponents. 10/10 5/5!


You were looking at my teleprompter, weren't you? Yeah. A.K.A.: He used a cheatcode. :D

I lol'd.

I do enjoy the wit behind these... and being a general gamer nerd I can unfortunately get every joke that's in these.

The main thing I love about this series is that you don't overdo it. Most animators leach off of video game jokes but you get straight to the point. I love that, makes it feel like I'll never get fed up of your episodes.

Nice work.