Reviews for "Snow Avoider"

really adictive

it's really adictive and i might be able 2 help you with the replay button if want anyways keep em comin man :)


This game reminds me of a game I used to play where you were a bubble rather than the sun. However, I found this game to be very fun and it looked great as well. I think that if you threw in some powerups, it would be perfect. But it is fun to play the way it is anyway. Good job!

fun :[)

i like dodging games like this.i think needs a restart button and a little better main menu.other than that it was fsuper fun!

Needs work

This could be a good time waster, there is one major problem though. No snow can hit you if you move the guy all the way to the left of the screen. You should make the snow fall in different directions instead of just right to make this more challenging.

Good time waster

I'd really like to see like a high score system. Good graphics, good control response. Not bad.