Reviews for "Island of War (beta test)"

yo yo

I love the game but need to know what to do to pass after i got the city and docks up iam stuck but over all good idea for a game and i love how you got the gold mine makes it a little simple why not have it where you half to move and mine in new places just not fix the mine well keep up i cant wait for the full game


well the design no is good but the game have goods actions scripts. ;P 5/5 10/10


Its good fun, but it seems to me that i cant pass mission 2! Ive done all i could, towers etc. but next task never appears ^_^ What do i do?

I liked it

It was fufn and kept me interested for a while,
one thing you might want to consider is adding music, and possibly more buildings
overall looks like a good game can't wait to see the full release

very good but i think you..

should b able to stop your miners and farms should take time not money and the is a bug were when you click on the mine whne you have no money gold still comes out o ye and make better men not so big too