Reviews for "Still Alive - Portal"

I love this song

that was funny when the guy was like falling

At first, I was disappointed because I thought it was going to be a computer's statement. I'm glad to know I'm on this website where that rarely happens! The coolest thing is how the computer interacts with the environment. It shows a good transition when you go outside the range of the computer. Yep, I knew that cake was a lie. I like how this computer manages to have such a good attitude even though she has a cybernatic voice.

I guess this means I won't have to play, much less, beat the game! There's a lot of funny random moments like the blood that goes everywhere. Geez, that really is a delicious cake. While the song talks about death and stuff, it still has a pretty positive tone to it. Or maybe I'm just listening to it the wrong way.

you made me in love with this song :D

I'm afraid of lemons because of Portal 2...