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Reviews for "Fuck Off Santa"


i bet you that the lyrics to the song were written by a scotsman!

infact make it a glaswegan! ;D)

the animation was great, the lip syinc was a bit off at some points but still great, and the music, oh god the music was absouloutely damn great!

"father christmas is a queer!"


ROFL!!, "FUCK OFF SANTA" indeed!!. Catchy, funny and not bad at all, who cares if this offends people, see it for what it is, a jolly good piss take of the big fat sod who costs me money every year!!!


I second that motion! LOL great stuff


Why Are People Getting Stressed Over Dis Its Well Funny People Who Stil Beleve In Santa Shudent Be Watching This In The First Place


would help rating go up if the graphics are better

This is different!

The graphics could be better...but I still love the song, it's very catchy, and I got it stuck in every person I know's head! Haha brilliant!