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Reviews for "Video Gamerz Chronicles1a"


this has to beez the greatest EVAR. i needs you to continue plz. all the other damn anime gots well. they loop with the same damn thing then go like shit. I hope that this does not turn out that way and that you will continue the series. all the anime is crap and if this doesnt get continue then im stuck with shitty shit. least fav anime has to be inuyasha. its hwo you say. for girls and for gays


Like all the others. The intro was awesome and your designing rocks.

i would have commented but then i realised you

pointed it out already, just because its big and didnt come out right out first doesnt meen your should stop with it,
i really pictured this as a really good manga, i really liked it other then the spaz at the ending you did really well with it, also was it raining in the begining or something? if it was you should have had it just a tinier bit of a darker shade of blue if not it kinda gives it a wrong effect


its pretty good for his standards, and i like the inclusion of bios.


this is awesome. but i noticed something. the person that appears before scott, she has a resembelence to scott. is that, by any chance, scott's... MOM!?!

but there is one thing i kinda dislike. you've changed (kinda) the style of the video gamers. you've gone from really funny, to funny with more serious. other than that, it is great.