Reviews for "-Whatever!-"

Another great one!

I tend to prefer the more hardcore techno beats, but this has a feel to it. You managed to keep what makes your songs recognizable without sounding like "just another happy beat by Waterflame." I like the fact that it lasts without getting the feel of being repetitive. The additions do not sound out of place, and the fun is omnipresent. Well done!


@ ADumbDoor

Ditto ;)

What the..

Truly awesome music. As always it always has an addictive and joyful beat. Most of my MP3 player if full of YOUR songs. I wish i could dance to it. But sadly i cannot at all dance.

Really awesome!

Same with what the person below me said, Really love the mix of two genres.

Dear Waterflame,

I absolutely love your tracks. Your techno, trance, and dance (and sometimes video game, most notably Race Around the World) get me most of the time. Your music is really great, you have talent. This song sounds like joy. You converted an emotion into a song. BTW what programs do you use and how did you get good at making music?