Reviews for "Horse Rancher"


Its a nice game but its kinda boring.
try to make special levels in it.
or events that make your horse better.
Music gets boring after a fews mins.

Am i missing something?

My horse would be faster if it was dead.

I entered my first race and the opposition sped off leavin gme in the dust. No amount of whipping got the bugger to move noticibly baster and all i did was waste money to the extent where i couldn't afford the next one.

Training constantly gives the message 'no improvment' which blows.

What gives?

pretty good yea

not bad, got a bit boring tho and the music was very annoying. Good game overall though, good luck in the future!


I like the idea. The game is alright, but I think more stuff should have been added. But good job, still.

Think you forgot something

As far as I could see, there was only a shop and training. How were you supposed to actually race your horse and make money? Even then, the gameplay seemed pretty boring.