Reviews for "Madness Overkill 1"

Pretty good

This movie is better than most of the madness submissions on newgrounds. The eyes are pretty good too. There is one other submission of madness on here where they have eyes. I think its called madness elite. Check it out, its good, but not as smooth as yours. Your movie is def better than most ive seen. Your right up there with krinkels, give a few more kills, and a little faster in the second movie, and it should be a hit. Good luck.


nice usage of the CSS gun sounds, most other flashes use custom ones that sound sh*te.

great animation, only wish 'overkill' meant speeding up the anims, as i always thought madness was a little slow moving for a rampage (point of reference, 'castle', another rampager)

god that was good

it was amazing, though some movements stopped to abrupt, it was amazing.


i found the final regenerated character on you animation:
madness wootification, isn't it that's man of the bandages?

Great flash.

I like all the killing. I hope you make more.

I hope you make more of this.