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Reviews for "Video TEST "Choclat Milk""


You're that same fat kid that made that video.

Oh god.

bernie-buddy responds:

I'm not FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(


its not a game

bernie-buddy responds:

It's the same as game(cause it's interactive) and movie(cuz it has a video), so i couldn't decide what to do!


That was REALLY well done, i gave it a 5! ROCK ON!

but some people probably wont judge this on quality, but length, so it may not pass judgment because of that.

but still i fully loved this, great work

bernie-buddy responds:

Yay! I am so happy! (;>


Wasn't bad for your first.

Your account isn't deleted if nobody likes it, the video is just deleted.

Next time, try to make something a big more interesting.

A video player you say?

It's a video payer huh? I tlooks pretty good, but this is not what the portal is meant, i'll review it anyway :) , it's not that bad, but not too new either, it's stops, plays and pauses fine. and why would you think anybody would delete your account, the worst thing that can happen is that it can get blammed.