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Reviews for "Overtime - Jatkoaika"


It was cool. The ideas were cool and the story was cool and everything. But what was it saying? A bunch of time with the words.......that weren't english....? ..........Ok, whatever, but it rocked, so yay for you

Very beutiful flash

The whole moral is just great.
I like how you can tell a story without even having to use real words.
The music goes well with the movie.


This was fantastic, and you should be really proud of yourself - original animation is few and far between here and your animation really stood out for interest. Great work, and keep working on the animation style!


Everything about this was great, because it simply made me sad. It moved me which doesn't happen very often with flashes here on newgrounds. I can't quite imagine the pain that a parent goes through upon losing their child, consider their pain funmaster.

I like the style of animation its highly original and seems to express the feelings of the animation quite well.

Make more and i'll be watching more.


That Just about sums it up.