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Reviews for "The Man Who Loved Pie"


I found a glitch and got 957 kills

digitalk responds:

ummmm... like WTF


It's truth no preladers.


although the idea of pie is a little over-used these days, im glad it had sound!

the exploding stick man made me lol

no offence, but did u borrow this idea

it bears an uncanny resemblance to the madness day spin off "the man who loved pie" or what ever similar name it had. or the contentlike no %u03C0 or, teh bakery

digitalk responds:

I made this AGES ago, like near the begining of the year.

and i never new the madness pie existed till about 3-4 months ago, when i looked in the madness collection.


i'd say you've improved somewhat. what do you think?

and where have i heard that music... this is gonna drive me crazy...

digitalk responds:

i found what it was, it was cheshyers and krinkles music video 1 music.