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Reviews for "Ninjaz!"


Your style and graphics are good but the animation needs work. Being the incredibly short flash that this is, it's important to focus on animation quality to make up for the length. Choose a longer music video and see what you can come up with.

tehslaphappy responds:

Thanks. I really think this is better than the original. The original was rushed and messy. So yea, thanks.


good flash, I like ur work but its 2 short, try to make it longer next time

tehslaphappy responds:

I will. Its just the song was just 30 secs long, so I couldnt make it longer than the song length.


ninjas usually fight for money and for everyone who pays enough.. but ok..

i also think the graphics were too bad

tehslaphappy responds:

Well, thanks for the review.

poor effort

I didn't really like it, for numerous reasons.

1: the sound was really cheesy and not at all entertaining.

2: the animation wasn't exactly what i'd call "eye candy", if you get my drift.

3: you really didn't put enough effort into it. If you did, you would get a better score from me. until then, you get a 0 from me.

tehslaphappy responds:

Well thanks you for your imput, I'll think about that when I do another movie.

Who in the world are you?

Not bad?????? That short flash was that....... short. 0/10 0/5

tehslaphappy responds:

Well, thanks anyway, but this my first animation so.