Reviews for "B7 - Mortal Kombat Menu Metal"


This is freakin BADASS!!! You did an awesome job on this!


im speechless....im a mortal kombat fan boy, and seeing how you make badass stuff as awesome as this, makes me speechless

I would love listening to this

While watching Kratos kick everyone asshole downward.


I seriously want to re-program Mortal Kombat 9 to have this as the character select music. And just sit there, listening. Possibly for hours. Good show, sir.


i was playing mortal kombat earlier, so i wanted to listen to a remix of it. so i found this one. YOU SIR have put mortal kombat and a eletric gitar into a blender and made epicbadassyawesomeness. yes thats a word.

Burn7 responds:

You know I do try dude. I do try to make these songs as fucking badass as I can, as mindblowingly explosive and metal as is possible with my current musical abilities.

So I thank you.