Reviews for "Welcome Home (revisited)"

My god...

You have touched me in a way no music has ever touched me before. The gentleness of the piano and it's light melody... I... It brought tears to my eyes.
I am now a full believing fan. Make more music like this!
50/10 Stars


Tan "sencilla" y tan genial al mismo tiempo. No se si la alta puntuación es porque, de verdad, es tan buena tu canción como por la falta de este tipo de obras en Newgrounds. Saludos.

MarkySpark responds:

Gracias senor.


you really show a talent for playing sophisticated emotional piano songs...


I've listened to many of your work, and have had the same feeling towards most of them. They are very soothing and enjoyable, and each piece has its own touching moments.

If I have to make a criticism, it'd be that you seem to like to slow down on many of the transitions between phases... to the extent that they halt the fluidness of the songs. Maybe it's a personal thing of mine and I'm an impatient listener, but those "ground to a stop" breaks give me more unfulfillment than anticipation.