Reviews for "[SG] All Your Base"

I saw enough...

Pretty good... I can see that you are better than that arushi virgin guy who was pming me cock sucking related insults as I was giving him constructive citicisms. He is no better than you are. Even though its not the best entry it should get like 3rd place or better. You did pretty good. This deserves to be on Newgrounds as long as possible.

AxeShades responds:

Dude your comment totally confuses me but thanks for the 10.


epic axe, truly epic


Could've used a couple pictures of the real shades as well.

good job!

i believe you do a great job with flash, and this one is a nice example. i love it! nice graphics, and great effects. i love how you draw that ship. it was great. as well as the dudes. i say, shades gang is worthy!

AxeShades responds:

yay i like the ship too :D


that was so funny dude. keep up the great work.