Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator!"


But how about some music controls.. i hate techno.

7IsUnlucky responds:

Have you ever thought of turning off your speakers?

Pretty Awesome

But heres a tip if you would have mad it so that they acually moved and fought each other it would have been the best!

7IsUnlucky responds:

That would take like 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 lines of Actionscript though.


Neat little thing. The two things I with it had was the ability to put objects on top of or behind each other and and infinite amount of blood, shots, pawns, and zombies. Aside from that though, nice work.

7IsUnlucky responds:

K ^_^

5 + 10!

Amazing! Just maybe things able to rotate and your set!

Love it!

7IsUnlucky responds:


Thanks for the great review!