Reviews for "Apple vs Microsoft"

mac or p.c

i cant dicide damnit

World of stupid

If you hate it so much why you all use it huh luzers who over loading his pc

macs and apple suck

apples suck because they make macs, and macs suck


i hate mac microsoft rules


Not too bad for a fist time submission, I thought it was pretty good. Liked the Windows errors (BSoD) on all of the school computers. So I thought this video deserved a comment... Btw, does Mac even have a logout button. My school has a few mac laptops and I can't even figure out how to log off of it, and I use most operating systems with ease, even if it's command line based. Anyways, you want to start a Windows v.s. Mac war? Tell a hacker to start targeting mac's by saying, I bet you can't hack most of the hacks because of the rumor that they have no viruses... then you can watch that guy pull out a 700mb CD full of viruses just for the mac users! <--- there is your hint ;)

Btw: music was good, I'm looking forward to some more of your submissions.