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Reviews for "Halo: Lost in Time"

Guy Below

Watch out now, I tried telling them that and apparently its against the rules!! I mean, you know, telling people that using Halo over and over in the same kind of situation is just annoying and what not, but people seem to take it to offensively instead of constructive critism and mold their next flash into something less horrible and more grand.

thats bad

sry if im mean but wtf is link in there 4??? well umm why d u have swear all the timE!? its the titles ok but i thoat hey this is gonna be cool but i was wrong sry!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i was mean :(


By now, people expect me to say something smartass and witty.

All I can say is, people who hate other good games should not blam them just because.

I myself like Halo AND Legend of Zelda.

Who was there to comfort me when I got the Red Ring of Doom?

Not MC.

Thats right. Link.