Reviews for "Clear Vision"


Like the game although there are some spelling errors and there could be a soundtrack.


I would have to say too damn simple, you need more to it.. good story but no facts, kindof reminds me of blood diamond the movie.. the theme.. and well I still think there should be consequences and money involved somehow.. and really like I said more to it.. too simple.. point click and simple targest.. no movement I think the most "Difficult" if it were even difficult was the bridge and the suit case scene.. other then that *YAWN* work on it.

cool but

its cool but you need to make part 2 soon its still coll games.its too easy also

Daani responds:

Clear Vision II has already been released, like 6 months ago:S


cool but what the heck is he?? hell fuck you

Daani responds:

Whatta hell?


I liked it but the only thing that sucked about is it wasint countined