Reviews for "Clear Vision"

Loved it

It was really good design and I can't really say much more, it was really good 10/10

I played Clear Vision II...

So I'm going to review the sequel and first game here.

First off, there's actually a plot. Your animation is decent... but you need to ANIMATE your characters. Rather than just different still shots, try making your characters move in between missions. Make it interesting to watch even if it weren't a game.

As a game, it's fairly good. Gets interesting. Very easy, but that doesn't ruin it.

There's a thing you can do in Flash that allows you to remove buttons from the "tab listing". That means that scrolling through buttons in a Flash file with the Tab button will skip over buttons when you activate this on a certain button. Useful in games that you don't want people to cheat in.

Good game. 10/10.

good game

good game

Too easy

Too easy but it was good anyway.

not bad =]

Not bad but way too easy second better be better lol