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Reviews for "The Seed Story"


i know what you are trying to say and it got to me .
i watch this video over and over because of it beauty and the point that it makes.
it was more than just a seed story, it was a life story how one life end's and a another began. that was the point you was trying to make, right?
i view this not as a person looking for fun, i view it as a look at life.
i give you ten star's and a 5/5 . do not stop there ,for you can be the one to show
the view at life in more that one way's.i feel sry who don't a see this video in another PONIT OF VIEW. thany you for this video keep up the good work.

pretty cool but pointless

I liked the classical music and the art was not that great. It was short and tells about growing a seed.


simple yet deep in conveying its meaning.

Truely, this is a impressive piece even though it wasn't original.

Keep up the good work.

Hahaha! VERY inspired by Deciduous!

In fact, I thought I was watching the original at first.

Good animation and nice clean graphics.

Continue animating. You have a talent.

cut cut

So the plant that got kicked ended up blooming, and the plant that got watered by the hand of the unknown also ended up blooming? And why did the plant that got watered and taken care of end up dying?

Too much empty space in the animation... Was expecting something big to happen up there, like perhaps the plant grow larger, but all the empty space was unused and therefor seemed unnecessary when viewing was over. Interesting idea though.