Reviews for "500 Facts"


I wish I had known that "V" cutting fact about ingrown toenails... before i had them cut Out 3 times.


Interesting, but there arn't 500 facts. I know it would be hard to find that many, but still...

xxxxblake responds:

Actually there are, although it would take a while to go through all of them. Well, actually, there are 499 facts and one that says 'Did you know there are 500 facts?'



this was pretty ineresting if you find any more facts let me know i like to know these kind of things but i gave you a 9 cause the song died out so.

xxxxblake responds:

Yeah, sorry, I was in a bit of a hurry to submit it and didn't really check over that sort of thing. The song wasn't a loop anyway, but I still could've made it loop.


Cool facts.. I'd only heard a few of them before.

xxxxblake responds:

Thanks, I'd only heard of a few of them before I made this anyway.

Lol...Queen Elizibeth...

I don't believe it..She has a rubber duck with a crown.