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Reviews for "System Split - F-777"

The best demonstration of Jesse valentine's Style.

you've got an unique style.....we might say "messy" I love this! the theme never stop changing, the drum too, there's a lot of effects, and the main theme is delirious! Maybe too for me, it's why I give you 9 stars. Thanks for this song!


Great Song!!! Keep making more.

really good song!

seriously. good song. all i can say.

A Musical Treat

This song is a real toe tapper and it would be an awesome addition to many a DJ set across the world.

The heavy use of synths is what makes me enjoy this song as well as the switch in pace at certain parts of the song makes it not sound repetitive.

Personally I think this song would be great in a fighting game's training mode.

Best song on Newgrounds

This is my favorite dance song on newgrounds so far, I love it, amazing! How long did this take to make?
I cant stop listening to it, i love it, and... i... love it, and i love it, and uh... i love it, and i, love it, and I love it.
Being completely honest and mentioning a fact that nobody cares about is that i am turned on by this song. hurr. and im not even kidding. just thought you'd all want to know that :P