Reviews for "Keric's Komplex Chapter 2"

Incredible I want more!!!

nice work, execelent
I like it, the games are so intersting and hot
nice character design I want a keric for me *¬*
Nice work

a love this game!

in this 2nd chapter, i like the good-hearted keric! he's too good to cyl. i think cyl is just having fun with keric! the handjob is great! i mean sometimes is tiring to do it urself. maybe i should try that! heheh.. >=)

Much more challenging...

But a LOT hotter... yay! I love these games!!! However, I would like to see more... active gameplay, if you catch my drift. :) Handjobs are fun, but I want something a little different.

Damn, I'm getting nosebleed...

Humbuged, you're amazing! The gameplay is way harder than the previous one. I really can't concentrate on the star while my eyes is on SOMETHING else! What a distraction~ *phew* I wonder who's the elf that appear at the end? Can't wait for the next installment~

Better than the first but...

I really loved this one. Better than the first one.

I almost gave this 10/10 and 5/5.

I love your work alot but I did notice some things I didn't like so much.

The ending looks very cheap and badly drawn. Every piece of your art is amazing on all your games until that very ending scene. The leaves looked like they were drawn on paint and it made me a little sad. D:

I also didn't like how it was another handjob. You should mix it up a bit. ;3