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Reviews for "Naruto vs Rock Lee"

kick ass

that was insane, and where did you get those one tail naruto sprites?

Mini-Speed1 responds:

Pm me and i'll re-pm you for the Naruto one tail
And Thanks for the score :D

i agree with the guy below me

i think kyuubi would have destroyed eight gates even with out going all out because lets face it when naruto enters the max power of the kyuubi
which i think rarely happens cause when he enters first or second kyuubi state he preety much tears hes enemies to pieces and hes the victor but any way kyuubi would have destroyed eight gates easyly


At first I was gonna give it a 9 cause the beginning was kind of dull, but by the end with the One Tail and Opened Gate and CHOOSING the ending??? You know just how to please your viewers. 132343/10


like the choice part