Reviews for "Drive By Demo"

Its great but it needs some work....

For one thing i could see the people cloner at the top of the screen so you need to make that smaller. another thing is it needs to have a boundry zone. other than that it is a great demo!

Something New

Very entertaining and different. Newgrounds needs more innovative and creative ideas, the current stuff is just overkill. Had some problems when the car went to the top of the screen, got stuck. Thought you like to know. Cant wait for full version. Everyone says they're going to make a full version and never do. Great work.


You guys at 512 really know how to make a game!!!!
This is unreall!
If u like shooting, or just kiiling u will love this

Please finish the full version!!!!!!!
I love4 it, this game is very addictive.

Keep up the Awesome work!


i like the song at the end. um very good game i really did like it. it was short but the final verison will sure as hell kick my ass.

I hope that you make the full

version that would be super bad ass.